About Us

PanopotesLogo_500pxIn Greek mythology Argus Panoptes was a giant with a hundred eyes. He was also the nymph Io’s brother. These eyes made him a very effective watchman, as only a few of the eyes would sleep at a time; there were always eyes still awake. Argus was Hera’s servant. His great service to the Olympic pantheon was to slay the chthonic serpent-legged monster Echidna as she slept in her cave.  Hera’s last task for Argus was to guard a white heifer from Zeus. She charged him to “Tether this cow safely to an olive-tree at Nemea”. Hera knew that the heifer was in reality Io, one of the many nymphs Zeus was coupling with to establish a new order.

To free Io, Zeus had Argus slain by Hermes. Hermes, disguised as a shepherd, first put all of Argus’s eyes asleep with boring stories. To commemorate her faithful watchman, Hera had the hundred eyes of Argus preserved forever, in a peacock’s tail.

Panoptes Solutions follows in the tradition of Hera’s faithful servant.   We are always focused on our clients’ interests, working to identify and address potential concerns as well as act upon real opportunities.  Our skills in individual and organizational development are instrumental in our clients achieving their goals and desires and enabling all to reach the “next level” both personally and professionally.   Panoptes Solutions is driven to, “Assuring Businesses Always Keep an Eye on Success

Meet Our Founder

Panoptes Solutions is guided by the knowledge and leadership of Larry Regneth, a recognized leader in business and industry for more than 30 years.  Larry earned his MBA from The Fox School of Business and Management at Temple University.  Experienced in delivering global business solutions; he has effectively  honed his skill set by closely working with “C” level executives at various multi-national organizations including Lockheed Martin, Alcatel-Lucent and Verizon among others.  Additionally Larry has extensive Federal Government know-how particularly with Secure Agencies, DoD, Systems Integrators and 8(a) firms.

Larry is an Alcatel Certified Business Networking Specialist and is also certified for RAC D.I.AL.O.G. Assessments (organizational excellence) and Innermetrix International’s ADVanced Insights Profile (often likened to DISC on steroids).  These certifications demonstrate the unique proficiencies that exist within Panoptes Solutions – technology; but with a keen focus on the organizational and individual factors.

Larry has worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as SMBs. He has held leadership positions in firms in the manufacturing; IT, telecommunications, technology and consulting sectors and has supported all organizational levels including “C” level and Boards.

The Formula

Attitudes and Skills and Knowledge directed by Goals deliver Positive Behavior Change, which yields Improved Results both organizationally and personally. The Attitude development process requires the examination of values and beliefs, which are a function of our conditioning because 88% of our Behavior is at the subconscious level.

Our Affiliation with Resource Associates Corporation

Resource Associates Corporation

Panoptes Solutions is a fully certified affiliate of  Resource Associates Corporation (RAC), a world-class leader in the areas of business and management consulting, life/business coaching and training, youth leadership, and leadership development. RAC is dedicated to helping organizations and individuals manage strategic change, innovation, cultural transition, and goal achievement through their proven programs and global affiliate network.   

Since its inception in 1978, RAC’s unique approach has not changed: to help people become more productive and effective by linking individual performance to organizational performance. If you are interested in learning more about RAC, please visit their website.